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Comfort for the whole family and convenience for them are the hallmarks of Dr. Dani's Dentistry office operations. Our bright office is filled with friendly people and dental-themed toys to keep your kids happy.

Dani Nguyen

Dani Nguyen, DDS

As a certified doctor, there will be many responsibilities and services to be endorsed to the patients. This requires not only good knowledge, but most importantly, it has many requirements to attend to the patients and give, them the best medical and health services. USC Grad 1994.


Alejandra, Office Manager

I have been working with Dr Dani for 12 years. It's so nice going to a job everyday that I enjoy so much. I enjoy meeting all the wonderful people that have come into our office. Our office is friendly, caring and willing to help you with any questions, concerns, or fears you may have pertaining to dentistry.


Elizabeth, Dental Assistant

I joined the staff over a year ago and this office has the most friendly staff and patients I have ever met. Our staff main concern is to make each appointment a stress free experience and to provide the best care. The care that Dr Dani has for her patients has inspired me, a college student, to become a dentist.


Esmerelda, Dental Assistant

I have been working with Dr Dani for 2 years. The best thing about our office is our wonderful patients. Every patient that comes in are friendly and happy. It is a pleasure to work in an environment where everyone is smiling and caring.

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