Regular Check-Ups

Regular Check-Ups

Nearly 50% of children will have at least one cavity by age 5.

Regular dental visits are very important for keeping the teeth and gums healthy. It is recommended to have regular check-ups at least every six months. But it is not just enough to go for the dental visits. You will need to work to keep your teeth and gums healthy between those examinations by brushing them and flossing after every meal.

The Check Up

When you visit a dental professional, he or she will check for cavities. The professional will also check to see if there is a plaque or tartar on the teeth. If they are found, they will be removed to avoid causing diseases. The gums will also be checked to determine if they are healthy or not. If you have healthy gums, the spaces between them and the teeth will be shallow. 

The Cleaning

Plaque and tartar cannot be removed by brushing or flossing your teeth alone. The dental professional will scale the teeth and then polish them to remove these substances. The professional will also floss the teeth to make sure that the areas between them are clean.


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Nearly 50% of children will have at least one cavity by age 5.

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That was the best early dentist experience I could imagine for my child. He actually left saying he LOVES the dentist! Thank you.

" Daniel W., Fullerton, CA

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